Spiritual Education About The Power of Sexual Energy 
For Couples & Singles Who Seek Lasting Love
Discover what it takes to create a lasting, passionate committed relationship - in a completely different way that you have been taught. Unravel the neuroscience of desire. Learn how to channel your sexual energy and how to make love in a way that fosters bonding, connection and revives relationships. Rise to your highest potential in love; tap into the healing fountain of erotic spirituality and love mysticism.
The Neuroscience of Connection
the best kept secret for maintaining desire
the most beautiful way to touch, move and inspire
the spiritual secret of channeling your sexual energy
ancient method for bio-hacking your brain performance
the neuroscience of connection, bonding and intimacy
the surest way to avoid divorce, drama and break-up
the intimate method to rekindle and revive your love life
the gentle way of healing from sexual abuse and trauma 
What is Karezza?
Karezza is an Ancient Spiritual Discipline and Erotic Art. Legends say that it was brought by Mary Magdalene to Europe, and cultivated there among the Cathars in South France. It empowered people with health, thriving families and prosperity. The Pope condemned this practice under threat of death. As a result, for many centuries this art was kept secret.

Today, when we witness our relationships and families falling apart, and our children effected by our emotional life going out of balance, it is time to reconsider everything we have been taught about sex, pleasure and desire - by religion at one extreme, and by media and porn industry at the other extreme. It is time to reclaim a balanced path of Golden Rule where desire, passion and pleasure are channeled in a Sacred Union and marked by peak Brain Performance.

We are proud our teachings are ancient and universally present in all cultures across the globe. They have been practiced by Yogis of India, as well Slavic and Celtic Warriors, and thought in Shaolin. Many of the world class leaders knew the importance of purposefully directing their sexual energy like the legendary inventor Steve Jobs and genius Nicola Tesla; artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Miles Davis; writers like Tolstoy, Mark Twain, and philosophers like Socrates and Seneca. They are the best kept secret of world famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Ipman, and many MMA Fighters. We are thrilled this ancient discipline was the foundation of all spiritual cultures and civilizations, and the inspiration behind the most exquisite works of art, music and architecture. It is the essence of Gnosis, Judeo-Christian tradition of Genesis, the teachings of Buddha, and Lao Tzu. 

As your bodies unite in a caring and delightful way, your souls intertwine, and your energies rise to awaken your spiritual connection. Karezza fosters a lasting bond between you and your beloved, cultivates respect, and admiration. If you dream to create a Sacred Union, where you and your partner unite into a 'Power Couple' with a romantic magnetism the like of Romeo and Juliette, Tristan and Isolde, Dante and Beatrice; if you wonder how to channel your energy into business, if you seek to renew your vows, fortify your connection, experience constant positive energy, abundance and spiritual growth, we whole-heartedly invite you to discover Karezza. 

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