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Karezza Community Shares Secrets of Sexual Energy & Infinite Love Making
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Welcome To A Divine Feast!
If you seek to partake of a delightful, yummy, passionate feast in union with your Beloved, welcome to the table the Divine has set for you. Explore the possibility of gentle, affectionate love making without orgasm in either partner.
The word “Karezza” (pronounced ka-RET-za)comes from the Italian word “carezza,” meaning “caress.” The goal of Karezza, unlike most kinds of sexual intercourse, is not orgasm but reaching a relaxed state of union with your sexual partner. -
What Men Say About Karezza...
 A lot of intimacy and the best everrrr...
 Fosters spiritual love for your partner 
 Peak brain performance, energy and focus
 Improved intimacy, closeness and communication
 Unquestioned trust between you and your partner
 Increased testosterone, stamina, fitness and courage
 Never diminishing sexual desires: she is always interested...
 Authentic erotic connection; no pressure to perform or make her cum
 Emotional intimacy that far outweighs the brief thrill of the mating hunt
 Ease with overcoming addictions to food, drugs, alcohol or other habits
 Be with your partner all the time and never feel like you “need space”
What Women Say About Karezza...
 Finally, intimacy we truly enjoy, can't get enough of and don't need to fake
 True female empowerment, divine feminine energy and leadership
 Emotional balance, always positive mood, and creative purpose
 Ongoing, mutual desire for love-making, touch, caress and intercourse
 Natural path to oxytocin and lowered stress hormones; inner healing
 Strong bond and connection with your partner; zero fear of cheating
 Peace of mind, intuition, creativity and a lot more confidence 
 Hormonal rejuvenation, strong immune system, health and wellness
 Divine Guidance and effortless manifestation of miracles 
Who is facilitating?
Oscar & Tiff Nelson
Karezza Couple, Parents & Business Owners
Portland, Oregon
They met in 2001 and married two years later. They have two kids. In 2012, when their marriage hit crisis, Oscar's vision quest guided him to Karezza and ever since it's been their lifestyle. They feel emotionally, energetically and spiritually connected. They channel their energy into business and continue to be in love.
Jack & Natalie Smith
Karezza Couple, Parents & 
Tango Dancers
Cape Town, South Africa
They met at university, got married and started a family. When Natalie was diagnosed with cancer, the couple went on a health and fitness pursuit ever since leaving no stone unturned. To sustain the "honeymoon feeling",  they discovered Karezza and found what making love was meant to be, feeling safe and loveable to each other.
Dr. Sky Blossoms
Bestselling Author, International Speaker & Wisdom Teacher.
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Dr. Sky is a fifth generation Russian healer; trained as a medical doctor with two decades of studying psychology and human behavior. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives to transform their relationships, avoid divorce, and find love in their lives. She is a world expert of clearing trauma
Evita Ramparte
Health Expert, Karezza Mystic & Spiritual Sensei
San Diego, California
Evita Ramparte is a European Journalist, Bestselling Author, and Wellness Industry Trendsetter. She helps 
men and women to achieve peak health and energy, 
and revive their love life. She is a Health Expert, 
Karezza Mystic, and a trusted Spiritual Sensei to Celebrities, Athletes and CEOs.
Who is facilitating?
What will you experience?
We will meet once a week on Zoom for a Live Webclass, and Live Q & A. And you will receive a private coaching session once a week to keep you on the journey. We will get to know you intimately and empower you to increase love and connection in your intimate relationship. 
We are committed to your victory. Are you?
Private Clients' Testimonials
David & Allison
San Diego, CA
"This is incredible... We would never think Orgasm-free sex would be fun. We make love for hours and hours; and we are so happy!! We're getting married, buying a house with acres for an organic garden and we just bought a boat!"
Jack & Ania
San Diego, CA
"Jack is a CEO of a company on WallStreet. He is always seeking peak brain performance. I had to learn how to make love with him in such a soft, gentle way that we both avoid Orgasm. Surprisingly, I find it incredibly pleasurable, and it keeps me emotionally balanced." 
Raj & Deepa
Phoenix, AZ
"We come from India, and in our culture it is very much encouraged to practice these teachings. It's been two years since we have applied it, and our intimacy has been growing, we love each other more and there are no fights."
Scott & Alice
San Diego
"We feel spiritual, sexually, emotionally connected, and on top of it, we are beating our athletic records. We love training together and growing together."
Jim & Pat
"These teachings are surely the best foundation of marriage and successful family life. We feel so blessed to have found them!!"
Rich & Barbara
"We just got married, and we are so grateful we can apply this sacred knowledge and continue to increase our commitment and love for each other, knowing our passion will never die."
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